The second run sockeyes and the rainbows

The second run of sockeye salmon are starting to show up in the Kenai.  When the river is choked out with sockeye it affects the Rainbow’s, the trout change there patterns because of the salmon, and it can be trickier to catch them.  It’s time to fish were the salmon aren’t and the food is, it’s the time of year when big hatches happen, when flesh fresh and old is everywhere, and the smolt, sculpins, and leeches are still in the river too.  Don’t hesitate to fish “classic” trout patterns as well as all the Alaska favorites if you want consistency on the water.  This could be you. So visit


Dog Days of July

Fly fishing the Kenai can be real easy or real tough.  The dog days of July are coming, and that’s when things get tougher.  The water temp is in constant fluctuation and the fish are getting conditioned all over again.  That’s alright because they still bite, it’s all about staying on top of things now, lighter lines, better presentations, and consistency.  The fish are in the river and they don’t stop eating it’s just a little tougher to get them to bite, it’s about the small details, so don’t give up on them, just fish smarter and harder.

dog days of july rainbow trout

Opening Day on Kenai River 2014

June 11 2014 opening day on the Kenai River.  Opening day anticipation is always great.  It’s usually a can’t sleep all night waiting for the alarm to go off kinda evening.  This year I started the season with the Huber brothers and their fishing buddy Yong.  The Hubers are Spey fishermen and the season started off great.  The fish were a lot farther along in there spawning due to a warm May and  some nice post spawn fish were biting.