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Jason Lesmeister moved to Alaska at the age of 21 to be a fishing and hunting guide. 26 years later he’s still there and is one of the busiest guides on the Kenai Peninsula.

In his own words:

“I call Cooper Landing, AK home now. Not only is the Kenai Peninsula my office, it’s my playground as well. I don’t just work on the Kenai River, it’s my backyard.

Being a year round professional guide and living in my guide area gives me an edge. Because guiding is my livelihood I believe in protecting our resources.

I run an eco-friendly guide service and believe it is important to make as small a footprint as possible so we can enjoy our rivers and lakes forever. My beliefs in protecting our resources are put into practice daily on my guided trips.

Jason’s Guide Service practices catch and release on all native rainbow trout while Dolly Varden, char and salmon can be caught for both sport and retention.

When I’m not fishing for work (guiding), I’m fishing on my off time for pleasure and to keep my finger on the pulse for when I am working. I have a few simple philosophies about fishing and guiding. “Control the controllable’s” are words I live by.

Because of my convictions, I will give you the best gear to fish with. On my guided trips you will be using Gore-Tex breathable waders.

Jason’s Guide Service is recognized as a “GREEN ECO-FRIENDLY” business by Adventure Green Alaska

My rods, both fly and spinning, are G-Loomis. My fly reels are Lamson, my spinning reels are Shimano and I also use the best lines money can buy. Royal Wulff fly lines, Power Pro and Sunline’s FC Super Sniper fluorocarbon for spinning reels.

I will not give anyone any gear that I wouldn’t fish with myself, and I like the best.

Having the best equipment doesn’t always make you the best fishermen, but it’s a lot more fun to fish the good stuff, and easier to learn on quality gear. I don’t think you should have to fish average equipment when on a guided trip, you deserve the best and my gear is the best.

All of my fishing trips are done out of a 20-foot Willie Drift Boat. The drift boat is a motor-less boat designed to fish on the drift. Fishing drift-only is a more peaceful and environmentally friendly way to fish.

Fishing on the drift gives you a quiet trip down the river where you flow with the currents fishing the long drift or working smaller features. The drift boat is designed to run in currents and is an ideal way to fish without spooking the fish, or creating bank damage from wakes.

We don’t emit any carbon pollutants into the water, or create any noise pollution. Fishing the Kenai River out of a drift boat is a great way to get lost in the drift waiting for that huge take to happen and the battle to begin.

Everyone who has ever dreamed of coming to Alaska has dreamed of that moment; only it’s better in a drift boat.”

The Kenai River is a complex system and the fishery can take many years to comprehend. If you’re shopping for a fly fishing guide Jason Lesmeister is an excellent choice for your Kenai River fishing experience.

Lesmeister has fished the Kenai River for 20 plus years and has guided it the last 12 years for salmon and trout fishing. His background regarding the Kenai River resource as well as his knowledge and understanding of the salmon fishing and trout fishing on this amazing waterway will ensure your Alaskan fishing trip will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Experience is key when fishing the Kenai River so make sure you choose fishing guides that have the background, knowledge and understanding necessary to ensure a productive Alaskan fishing adventure. You will get that with Jason Lesmeister.

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About The Waters We Fish

The Kenai River is a world class Rainbow trout fishery, with fish exceeding 36 inches and 20 pounds.  Rainbow fishing on the Kenai River is good all year long with the prime months for huge trophy rainbow trout being from the third week of August through October.

The Kenai River is broken down into three sections, the Upper, Middle and Lower Kenai River.  Jason’s Guide Service fishes the Upper and Middle stretch of the Kenai River.

The Upper Kenai starts on Alaska State Parks Land and traditions into Chugach State Forest, before you enter the KNWR, where Jason’s Guide Service has a competitive use permit which makes him one of a select few guides allowed to guide on that stretch of river.

The average sized Rainbow trout on the Upper Kenai is between 16-22 inches, with the average size on the Middle Kenai River being 18-24 inches.

Jason’s Guide Service provides a Fair Chase fishing experience and is on the water guiding 100 plus days a year.  We have hot days and slow days depending on the fishery just like any other great body of water the Kenai river has its ups and downs for the bite.

We control the controllable’s and provide you the best of everything because we can’t control mother nature. Jason’s Guide Service targets rainbow trout with fly and spin fishing gear.  Jason Lesmeister has mastered all the disciplines so that his Anglers can catch fish in all the conditions the river is in.

Our motto is the most the biggest the fastest, we don’t discriminate when it comes to gear, we love fishing it all.

One of the most popular fishing destinations in Alaska, the Kenai River deserves it’s reputation. Sockeye salmon, rainbow trout, dolly varden, silver salmon, and more are sought by anglers from all points on the globe. Navigating the Kenai River for a successful fishing trip is dictated by the expertise of the Kenai River guides.

Never rely on the experience of a novice when you can be guided on your Alaskan fishing adventures by the skillful and accomplished experts with years of experience on what can often be a complex fishery.

Fishing the Kenai river should be an enjoyable experience that results in the kind of fishing action a resource like the Kenai river is capable of producing. Choose to encounter the best fishing the Kenai river has to offer by taking a guided trip with Jason’s Guide Service.

Whether it’s Kenai River fly fishing or a using the latest spinning or casting gear you have options with Jason’s Guide Service.

Featured On National Geographic’s, ‘The Savage Line’

Lesmeister had the privilege of starring in ‘The Savage Line’ filmed and produced by National Geographic.

“‘The Savage Line’ examines the lives of experienced outdoorsmen, Cory Valdes, Jason Lesmeister, Rob Hardy, and Puma Ghostwalker, who traverse the world’s most remote places and work to protect the lives of men and women working in the backyard of nature’s fiercest predators. Their job takes them deep into the wild, demanding strong survival skills and a deep understanding of animal behavior. Utilizing non-lethal techniques, The Savage Line experts must brave both extreme weather and dangerous animal encounters to keep the peace between man and beast.” – National Geographic

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Jason's Guide Service
Reviewed from Google

4.8 out of 5 stars

Matt K
Matt K

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Jason….the man, the myth, the legend. We did two days with Jason and one with Caleb. All spectacular. They put us on the fish, took care of all the details and told some great stories. We had some laughs, saw some beautiful country and took home 36lbs of fish! These guys are very knowledgeable of the area and will hone your fishing skills at whatever level you are at. Stop researching “the other guys” and just book em! You can thank me later….

Erin Alzona
Erin Alzona

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Jason was such a fantastic guide and teacher. First time fly fishing and he was the perfect teacher. Patient, kind, funny, but not afraid to let you know when you are in your own head and to just cast it and have fun. It was such a thrill to catch some fish and a highlight of my vacation. Would go to Jason again in a heartbeat!

Lindsay Waltner
Lindsay Waltner

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Had the best time fishing with Jason. He knew exactly where to go to put us on the fish, and i feel like we laughed the entire time. If ever in the area I 100% recommend this guide service. Even if you don't catch, it is still a BEAUTIFUL river!

Tiffany Koch
Tiffany Koch

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

We had the best time with Jason and his team on our fishing trip! We did a half day with Caleb and a full day with Jason and left with over 40 pounds of salmon. Both Jason and Caleb were friendly, knowledgeable about the best spots on the river, and were great teachers on fishing technique that made it easy for all skill levels. Highly recommend Jason and his team for your next Alaskan fishing adventure!!

Todd Ginsberg
Todd Ginsberg

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Jason sent us with capt. Shawn. Such a great trip. Loved Shawn. Great boat. Almost reached our limit. Would highly recommend to all.

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