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an angler smiling as he poses with Dolly Varden char on the Kenai River

Fish Photography 101: How to Capture the Perfect Shot of Your Kenai Catch

There’s an old saying: “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” As any angler will attest, there’s a particular sting when a…

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an angler enjoying the Kenai River

Beyond the Rod: Exploring Ecotourism Opportunities Along the Kenai River

The Kenai River, often celebrated as an angler’s dreamland, holds mysteries that extend far beyond the ripples of its waters.…

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anglers holding rainbow trout on the Kenai River

Topwater Madness: Surface Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout on the Kenai River

As dawn breaks over the Kenai River, a thin veil of mist kisses the water’s surface. Beneath this serene façade,…

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an angler and fishing guide Jason Lesmeister holding a majestic silver salmon on the Kenai River

Silver Salmon Season: How to Prep for the Rush

A momentous occasion transforms Alaska every year. It’s a spectacle of nature that sends a thrill through the hearts of…

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Dolly Varden char on the Kenai River

How to Plan a Successful Fishing Trip on the Kenai River

The Kenai River, an 82-mile stretch of crystal blue wonder, whispers a siren song that anglers around the world find…

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sockeye salmon

A Guide to Sockeye Salmon Fishing on the Kenai River

Have you ever felt the primal rush that comes with reeling in a beautiful, wild fish? Can you recall feeling…

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