Last Ice Kenai Peninsula

The winter was a week one for good ice, but that didn’t stop the fish from biting. Variable ice conditions limited the lakes that were safe to fish this season, but that didn’t stop the die hards from going out and getting some great days on the ice.

Jarod Elgaricho and Grandpa Simeon
Jarod Elgaricho and Grandpa Simeon







shelby lubich
Shelby Lubich

Trout and Char Ice Fishing

The trout and char are chasing the smolt balls around the lakes.  Jigging anything that matches the size of the minnows in the lakes you are fishing is working right now.  Tipping ice jigs and spoons with whitefish has been deadly.  The month of February is my favorite time of year to ice fish in Alaska and it’s still cold enough usually to enjoy having the comforts of a heated shelter.

clam basecamp

Ice fishing AK

Ice Fishing in Kenai Alaska

While there are multitudes of individuals that trek to Alaska during the spring, summer and fall months when winter rolls around there is nary a soul that migrates to the 49th state from the lower-48 to fish hard water.

Ice fishing is just as much an Alaskan fishing adventure as what one might find on a float trip down a winding Alaskan river with a fly fishing guide.

What can one expect on an Alaskan ice-fishing adventure with an experienced fishing guide?

The latest in quality ice fishing gear and technology will be provided so anglers have the best in what it takes to hook and land a big trout from below the ice.

Clam Outdoor shelters to protect anglers from the elements. Like any ice excursion it can get cold and windy, but when one is tucked inside the walls of a mobile fishing hub it’s dry and dusty.

The knowledge of where to go and when. Navigating the resources to provide the highest quality experience works in both the summer as well as the winter months.

Ice fishing in Alaska is a sport that is just now being defined and anglers are discovering the phenomenal angling potential of the resources of the Kenai, Alaska peninsula.

For more information, you know who to contact.

Ice Shelter for Ice Fishing

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