No (KNOW) Hidden Costs

They told me the trip was a thousand bucks. I was handed a bill for twelve hundred. And that didn’t include the tip. What? Where did the extra come from?

It was hidden costs. Added fees. Charges for additional equipment. All ways to squeeze more money out of someone who has never used a guide service before.

They might charge you extra for waders and boots. You might end up paying for lures or equipment rental. They might try to stick you for parking or the ferry costs.

Know exactly what you are paying by asking, “What is the final bottom line?”

Every state or region has their own customs as to what is included in the price of a guided trip. I include everything in the cost of a trip. Waders, tackle and flies, flotation devices, rods and reels, everything but your fishing license, food and drink and rain gear. We even fillet your fish. But this is not always the case with everyone.

So, be sure to ask, “What is the actual total cost?” And, don’t feel embarrassed to ask more than once. It is your right to know how much you will need to budget and ensure there are no surprises.

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