Sockeye Salmon is it a sport fish or a meat fish?

Sockeye Salmon run into the Kenai in great abundance most years and have many different obstacles to avoid before the spawn.  I’m a fishing guide on the Kenai so Sockeye are a sport fish that is fun to catch on fly rods and also very tasty to eat.  Some of my good friends wouldn’t use a rod to catch a Sockeye to save there life if they can use a net.  Regardless of tool used to catch or harvest these fish everybody that pursues these fish loves the action.  I personally like to keep and kill about 20 fish a year so I can smoke some, jar some, and freeze some fresh.  Everybody has there magic number, and that’s ok as long as none of the meat isn’t getting wasted.  It’s the meat mongers of the world that ruin things for everyone, wether they use rod and reel or net.  As Alaskans we have the right to harvest these fish how we please, and that should come with responsibility.  Whatever weapon you choose it’s your responsibility to not be wasteful and to cherish the meat you get.  Don’t kill more than your going to eat, we need the fish too spawn so we can enjoy them year after year, from generation to generation.  Please be responsible so we can all enjoy our natural resources year after year.

Chrome Fury on the Kenai

Sockeye Salmon, everybody want’s one…maybe 25 or 35.  Sockeye Salmon sport fish or subsistence fish?  Sockeye Salmon mean dollar bills to many, and means food to others.  Sockeye Salmon mean entertainment to those who catch them with rod n reel or net.  Sockeye Salmon are the life blood of the Kenai Rivers rainbow trout and Dolly Varden Char.
Who decided that the Kenai River is the place for Alaskans to come and catch as many Sockeye Salmon as they can over a three weekend period.  How many people are throwing away salmon to go kill 25 more?  How many people are stopping at Portage Alaska’s animal farm and dropping all there left over dip netted Sockeye Salmon so they can dip net more?
July is the season were all of Alaska comes to the Kenai Peninsula to to slay Salmon, drive like lunatics and litter everywhere and anywhere.
Thank you very little to the people that come down to the Kenai and take more fish than they want or need and litter there way across the state.

The Sockeye Swing

Theres two kinds of Sockeye fishermen, those that get it and those that don’t.  When your not hooking them in the mouth you need to make adjustments.  Water levels, water speed, and depth all make a difference in the size of leader and how much buoyancy your fly should have.  The presentation is about getting it in there mouth and that takes the right weight to “bait” combo.  When you can’t seem to hook em in the mouth make these adjustments and it might help. #fishingthekenai

The second run sockeyes and the rainbows

The second run of sockeye salmon are starting to show up in the Kenai.  When the river is choked out with sockeye it affects the Rainbow’s, the trout change there patterns because of the salmon, and it can be trickier to catch them.  It’s time to fish were the salmon aren’t and the food is, it’s the time of year when big hatches happen, when flesh fresh and old is everywhere, and the smolt, sculpins, and leeches are still in the river too.  Don’t hesitate to fish “classic” trout patterns as well as all the Alaska favorites if you want consistency on the water.  This could be you. So visit