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anglers holding rainbow trout on the Kenai River

The Art of Selecting the Perfect Fishing Spot on the Kenai River

Welcome to the Kenai River: a place where the waters run as deep as the stories of the fish caught…

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a present wrapped in blue wrapping paper and a ribbon

Gift Ideas for the Kenai River Fishing Enthusiast

When it comes to celebrating the Kenai River fishing enthusiast in your life, the usual gifts just won’t do. You…

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ishing guide Jason Lesmeister and fellow anglers holding fish on the Kenai River

New Year’s Resolutions for the Avid Angler: Goals for 2024

As we flip our calendars to 2024, let’s not fret if our New Year’s resolutions are still simmering on the back…

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fishing guide Jason Lesmeister and an angler smiling as they show off Dolly Varden char during their Kenai River fishing trip

New Year, New Techniques: Advanced Fishing Skills to Master in 2024

As the New Year unfolds, it’s time to cast off old habits and reel in new aspirations. For the avid…

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an angler smiling as he poses with Dolly Varden char on the Kenai River

Fish Photography 101: How to Capture the Perfect Shot of Your Kenai Catch

There’s an old saying: “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” As any angler will attest, there’s a particular sting when a…

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an angler enjoying the Kenai River

Beyond the Rod: Exploring Ecotourism Opportunities Along the Kenai River

The Kenai River, often celebrated as an angler’s dreamland, holds mysteries that extend far beyond the ripples of its waters.…

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