Figuring Out Your Accommodations

It looked like the Taj Mahal on the web site, but when I got there it had morphed into a cockroach infested flophouse with two neighboring roosters and six barking dogs on chains next door.

What you need to know is what accommodations fit you best. Do you want a kitchen to cook your own meals, or will you be dining out for every meal. Do you want water front or are you looking for an economical option. Is this a base camp where you will be venturing out every day and just need a bed and a shower, or do you want deluxe accommodations where you might wish to spend some time utilizing the amenities. You’re needs will dictate your shelter so knowing what your parameters are before doing the research will not only get you the best deal possible, but put you in the perfect location for your plans.

To be right in the middle of all that is happening on the Kenai Peninsula, I chose Cooper Landing as my base of operations. This incredibly beautiful town, that is nestled where the Kenai River begins and the mountains cascade down to the valley floor, allows me quick access to the Kenai River, the perfect ocean habitat for halibut and rockfish and lakes to recreate on.

I have researched every possible lodging facility from Homer to Seward and I can attest to many well-run operations on the Kenai Peninsula. I can also confirm there are many that I wouldn’t recommend with good conscience. This is why I would recommend that once you know what your program consists of, call your guide.

The guide you are working with is going to understand how to help you schedule your lodging needs to fit the logistics of your trip. It’s that simple. Once you know what you want, ask for some recommendations to get you what you need.